One major benefit of our mailing services is that clients do not need to have their own Royal Mail postage account.

The mailing is despatched on your behalf via the Nite Direct account, allowing large discounts to be applied based on size, weight and volume.

To ensure that the Royal Mail discounts are achieved, the mail must be pre-sorted and produced to meet with their strict guidelines. Our software will cleanse the data and process to ensure that the most economical mailing solution is obtained.

Please see below examples of just a few of the many discounts and savings that we can offer using our services:-

10,000 items – £3,363.41.

A further saving available would be to send as Royal Mail Advertising Mail. Providing your mailing qualifies, the same mailing sent on this basis would cost – £2,602.42

Compare this to mailing using 2nd Class stamps at 55p, making the mailing cost £5,500,

Even on smaller mailings there are savings to be made:-

250 items – £92.50.
500 items – £185.00.

Prices are based on standard letters weighing 100 grams mailed at Royal Mail standard 2nd class tariff via Nite Direct Business Account.